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The following is a list of the main Services provided by the Commerce Department:

bullet  Advice, Information and Processing of Complaints

The Business Care Unit provides comprehensive Helpdesk services and advice to clients on issues relating to:

- Trading Licenses and Import/Export Licenses;
- Design and Trademark Registration as well as Patenting of Inventions;
- Other services rendered by the Commerce Department;
- The securing of information concerning their business and formalities on how to start a business;
- Complaints on excessive bureaucracy and unnecessary administrative red tape that result in burdens to businesses.

bullet  Patenting of Inventions

A Patent gives protection to an invention that is novel, involves an inventive step and can be applied in industry.

bullet  Registration of Trademarks

Registration gives protection to a sign that serves to distinguish the goods or services of one organisation or individual from those of another.

bullet  Registration of Designs

Registration gives protection to a novel shape or pattern to be applied to a particular object.

bullet  Facilitating Business

- Facilitating the relationship between the Commercial Sector and Government Entities.
- Organising meetings in Local Councils and Industrial Zones.
- Assisting businesses to set up their own Business Organisations.

bullet  Issuing of Trading Licences

- Self-employed who operate from a non-fixed commercial premises
- The operating of fixed premises for a commercial purpose (retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers)
- Market and street hawkers
- Other commercial activities not otherwise regulated
- The organisation of commercial fairs and car boot sales

bullet  Issuing of Import and Export Licenses

- Some items imported from non-EU member states require an import licence. Similarly, some items exported from Malta to non-EU member states require an export license.
- The above applies to a restricted number of items coming and going from Malta to other EU member states.
- The export of dual-use items and military equipment must be cleared by the Commerce Department.

bullet  Subsidies and Quotas

- The importation of sugar to be used for local consumption either in its raw state or as part of another product qualifies for a government subsidy administered by the Commerce Department. The same applies for the importation of sugar intended for consumption as part of a finished product in a country other than Malta.
- Certain items imported from outside the EU are subject to a quota. Local importers interested in securing part of the quota allocated for Malta need to apply at the Commerce Department.

bullet  Other Services

- SOLVIT: the Malta SOLVIT Centre is committed to solve problems which hinder the Internal Market rights of citizens and businesses.
- The Malta Crafts Council promotes Maltese crafts and assists Maltese craftsmen and entrepreneurs.
- The organisation of seminars and information meetings for the commercial sector.

For Further Information Please Contact:
Tel: 21 22 66 88 Fax: 21 24 05 16