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Industrial Property Registrations Directorate

Maltese Intellectual Property Acts, Regulations and Legal Notices:
arrow Trademarks Act
arrow Trademark Act (Maltese)
arrow Trademark Regulations
arrow Patents and Designs Act
arrow Patents & Designs Act (Maltese)
arrow Patents (Plant Protection Products) Regulations - LN260 of 2002
arrow Patents (Medicinal Products) Regulations - LN261 of 2002
arrow Patents Regulations
arrow Pat Amendment 2005 Att XVIII
arrow Copyright Act
arrow Copyright Act (Maltese)
arrow Copyright - LN197 of 2004
arrow Copyrght - LN174 of 2006 - Artists Resale Right Regulations
arrow Enforcement - Act XX of 2006 to regulate the Enforcement of IPRs
arrow LN99 of 2007 - CAP 417 - European Patent Convention Regulations 2007 - 13iv07
arrow LN98 of 2007 - CAP 417 - Patent Cooperation Treaty Regulations 2007 - 13iv07
arrow LN425 of 2003 for the control of the establishment & operation of Collecting Societies
arrow LN233 Community Trademarks
arrow Copyright - LN80 of 2010 - Amendments on Collecting Societies

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